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Finding the Perfect Neighborhood for You

It's not easy to choose the perfect beach neighborhood for you or your family. Let's face it, your neighborhood is just as important as your house. If you are not happy with your neighborhood it will eventually lead to you not being satisfied with your home. Do your research to determine what the various coastal neighborhoods can offer you. The greatest areas for families with children is not always the best place for a single person or empty nesters. This article will explain the things that you should be looking at in a neighborhood during the buying process.


How to Find the Perfect Coastal Neighborhood for You

John Iwamura

Trusted Real Estate Broker John Iwamura possesses a track record shared by only a handful of real estate professionals state/nationwide and has earned...

Trusted Real Estate Broker John Iwamura possesses a track record shared by only a handful of real estate professionals state/nationwide and has earned...

Oct 30 5 minutes read



The Central Oregon Coast Communities are often described as a “String of Pearls.”  Each town is a single gleaming pearl and the string is the picturesque highway along the ocean and forests that links them together.

Location plays a huge factor when it comes to each community and it's amenities. To find the Perfect Pearl for you and your loved ones a good start is to ask yourself the following:

Do I need to be near hospitals, schools or big box retail stores or am I OK with up to a ½ hour drive to reach them?

How close to the larger cities such as Portland or Salem do I need to be? Or the airport?

Most of us on the coast love the lure of the Pacific. Some towns have homes with spectacular views of pounding surf but no sand beaches or vice versa.  Other communities are on lakes, rivers or in the mountain ranges.  So many choices of lifestyle to explore with the coastal communities.

Your Neighbors

Chatting up the locals in an area is a great way to see if you would enjoy it there. Locals will know the area best and can make you aware of the perks and issues. Most people love chitchatting about their neighborhood. By asking questions, you can find if most people in the area full or part time homeowners. On the coast, there are areas that allow nightly rentals as an outright use, as a limited use, or not at all. If you are thinking you may want to have your home in a rental pool when you are not using it then you would need a VRD permit and be in an area that allows it.  Homes that are eligible for nightly rentals tend to have a premium on them as they are desirable investment properties.  On the other hand, if you are mostly looking for a fulltime residence you can look at more inventory.

Property Values & Taxes

The coast has an interesting mix of properties – often in the same neighborhood!  It is not unusual to see a large custom home next to an older vintage beach cottage or a brand new stick built home next to a manufactured dwelling.  That being said, determining how much a home is worth can be a challenge compared to suburban areas that have many similar dwellings.  It is important to work with someone who is familiar with coast properties and understands the nuances.

On the coast property taxes can vary considerably.  Ocean front, ocean view & newer built homes tend to significantly higher rates. It is a good idea to ask for the tax amount on each individual home you are considering as well as HOA’s if there are any. 

Get Your Home's Value


While some consider safety to be the most important factor in a neighborhood, not everyone can afford to live communities with 24 hour security, nor does everyone want to live in a community like that. There are several “gated” communities on the coast to consider if that is appealing, but in general most beach homes are not gated. However, you can look at the local police departments and crime reports to see what mischief goes on in a specific area.

Bottom Line

The neighborhood that you live in can have a greater impact on your satisfaction than the home itself. The right house in the wrong area will leave you unhappy in the long-run. Research online, speak with locals, and drive around the surrounding area to determine the if the neighborhood is right for you or your family.

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